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ISSUE #427
Three women artists from Taiwan are featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual summer exhibition in France.
Quai Branly Museum spotlights traditional Taiwanese culture by examining the longstanding practice of burning paper offerings for loved ones in the afterlife.
The "Tattoo COLOR, Tattoo HONOR" exhibition at Museum Siam spotlights the facial and body tattoos of the Taiwanese indigenous Atayal and Paiwan tribes.
"The Ouroboros" is an international joint exhibition that marks the second phase in the 2018-2019 Taiwan-Luxembourg Exchange Program.
Art Bank Taiwan has partnered up with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Holy See for a special light-themed art show.
Ministry Updates
Preparatory office launched for National Railway Museum
To lay the foundations of a sustainable museum and ensure that strategic systems are in place as the restoration work is carried out, the Ministry of Culture has secured authorization from the Executive Yuan for the establishment of the National Railway Museum Preparatory Office.
Taiwan to hold lacquer forum with SE Asia, Japan artists
The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute will hold an international forum to discuss the different lacquer arts of Southeast Asian countries and share Taiwan's lacquer expertise. 
Community-building forums to be held across Taiwan
To commemorate the start of the third decade of community-building policies, the Ministry of Culture will hold a National Community-Building Conference comprising 12 regional forums across northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan, including three sessions on the outlying islands.
Cultural Features
Designed by the late architect I. M. Pei, Tunghai University's Luce Memorial Chapel has a particular place in Taiwan's religious, political, and educational history.
Luce Memorial Chapel
The Taichung Prefectural Hall has tremendous historical, artistic, and scientific value, and provides an important foundation for exploring the historical development of Taichung City.
Taichung Prefectural Hall
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