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ISSUE #143
Eight comics artists are offering live demonstrations and book signings at the Taiwan Pavilion of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême.
'The Book Garden,' a solo exhibition featuring sculptures made by artist Chen Long-bin from upcycling old books, is being staged at the San Antonio Central Library.
Metallic crafts and jewelry that have received acclaim from Taiwan's premier crafts competition are on display at the National Ornamental Metal Museum of Tennessee.
'The Inspired Island II,' a documentary series on seven eminent writers based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, is now available at Broadway Circuit Palace ifc.
Taiwan's integration of traditional and religious beliefs with modern values is the topic of discussion at an art exhibition hosted by the University of British Columbia.
Ministry Updates
'2016 Taipei International Book Exhibition'
The 2016 Taipei International Book Exhibition will run from Feb. 16 through 21 at the Taipei World Trade Center to promote books, comics, digital publishing, international publishers, and authors from around the world.
'Voyage to the Oriental Treasure Islands'
A special exhibition curated by the National Museum of Prehistory in cooperation with the Dutch trade office will help visitors better understand the original Dutch adventurers and how they saw Formosa in the 17th century.
'Goodbye! Darling'
A memorial film festival dedicated to the late actor Ko Chun-hsiung, one of the most iconic visages of Taiwanese cinema, will take place from Jan. 29 to 31 at the Taipei Zhongshan Hall.
Spotlight Taiwan: 2016 Open Call
New overseas partners interested in co-organizing enriching activities related to Taiwan's culture may receive up to US$50,000 per year for an approved project.
Cultural Features
Dong Tian-bu was a master lantern maker based in Kinmen County who specialized in making bridegroom's lanterns for the traditional Southern Fukienese wedding.
Lantern Maker | Dong Tian-bu
Kang Mu-xiang is a craftsman-turned-artist who uses materials such as driftwood and discarded steel cables to create contemporary sculptures symbolizing rebirth and life.
Sculptor | Kang Mu-xiang
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