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ISSUE #239
'Taiwan's Lost Commercial Cinema – Recovered and Restored' is a symposium and a seven-nation Europe tour featuring 10 iconic Taiwanese-language films.
'What Do You See?' features seven up-and-coming Taiwanese artists on the subject of reality and the ways people interpret the world through sight and language.
Award-winning Taiwanese prints celebrating the advent of Chinese New Year are on loan to Novosibirsk State Art Museum in southwest Siberia for this special exhibition.
Taiwanese artist Shake employs unique Taiwanese topography as a metaphor to represent the island's geopolitical history and present condition.
This Los Angeles exhibition features Taiwanese and North American artists and their take on the ocean as a metaphor for things that can both unite and divide.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan embraces spirit of Human Rights Day
A Human Rights Day ceremony was held at Taipei Guest House on Dec. 10 to commemorate political victims. 'Taiwanese people have to face history, fortify democracy, and move forward to the future together,” stated the President.
New book on 18th-century Taiwan map released
A book on demarcation zones in Taiwan during the imperial Qing dynasty was released in Tainan City on Dec. 2, providing valuable research for studying interaction among ethnic groups, immigration, and land reclamation in 18th-century Taiwan.
Taichung holds VR-powered art exhibition
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is holding a virtual reality-powered art exhibition that has transformed the playful 'Lotus Pond in Zuoying,' a painting by contemporary Kaohsiung artist Lee Ming-tse, into an interactive game.
2018 Creative Expo Taiwan: Call for Exhibitors
Creative Expo Taiwan is an international design fair that takes place in Taipei every April. The 2018 theme is 'Design Thinking / Thinking Design.' Download the English brochure for more information on how to apply as an exhibitor.
Cultural Features
Hsieh Ming-yu is a Tainan-based independent singer-songwriter who seeks to introduce Taiwan through Taiwanese-language music. After six album releases, Hsieh has won three Golden Melody Awards for best Taiwanese album and best male Taiwanese vocalist.
Singer-songwriter | Hsieh Ming-yu
Designated as a National Preservationist of Traditional Arts by the Ministry of Culture in 2010, 'Sound to Heaven – Lileh of Bunun Tribe' is a chorus group dedicated to preserving the Bunun's oral tradition of an eight-part polyphony known as 'pasibutbut.'
 Lileh of Bunun Tribe
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