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ISSUE #184
'Re: Made in Taiwan' at the 15th Venice Biennale delves into the eco-friendly aspirations and civic possibilities imbued in ordinary buildings and venues.
Titled 'Taiwan Redesign – From Me to Us,' the 11th Taiwan Culture Festival is celebrating Taiwanese culture, food, art, and music with a refreshing lineup of events.
Free screenings of Taiwanese films in cafes, malls, and bookstores across Kuala Lumpur and Penang! Come for the movie, stay for the post-screening discussions.
Taiwan artist Chen Yin-ju is holding a solo exhibition in the UK as part of an ambitious commission marking Manchester's position as the 2016 European City of Science.
Jade, the mythical stone of the Orient and the imperial jewel of choice, takes the center stage of an international exhibition hosted by the Musee Guimet in Paris.
Ministry Updates
Jingmei exhibit pays respect to Hakka political victims
The special Jingmei exhibition on the Hakka Yi Ming High School Political Incident is dedicated to exposing the woeful state of human rights in Taiwan during the 1950s.
Taiwanese MV captures Red Dot Award
A music video featuring the Taiwanese vocal tradition of liam kua, a form of ballad singing and oral storytelling, has captured a Red Dot Award in the 2016 Best of the Best category.
NMTH tasked with safeguarding 318 Movement data
Digital archives and roughly 7,200 items related to the 318 Civil Movement that took off in Taipei on March 18, 2014 have been transferred to the National Museum of Taiwan History for permanent preservation.
Cultural Features
Chen Lung-hao is one of the stoutest proponents of indie bookstores in Taiwan. He opened his own shop to provide prohibited publications to readers during martial law, and went on to co-establish the Taiwan Association for Independent Bookshop Culture.
Indie Bookstore Owner | Chen Lung-hao
Etan Pavavalung is a versatile artist whose works encompass poems, sculptures, and prints. Etan is especially known for his use of 'carved lines and patterns,' which is an art style he employs to highlight the aesthetics of the Paiwan tribe.
Paiwan Artist | Etan Pavavalung
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