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ISSUE #136
An exhibition dedicated to the memory of Tyzen Hsiao, a late musician who was widely known as 'Taiwan's Rachmaninoff,' is running at the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles.
'Saint Anonymous' by Taiwanese artist Stanley Fung, a pastor by vocation and a photographer by passion, offers stunning portraits of the soul.
'The Book Garden,' a solo exhibition featuring sculptures made by artist Chen Long-bin from upcycling old books, is being staged at the San Antonio Central Library.
Taiwan's integration of traditional and religious beliefs with modern values is the topic of discussion at an art exhibition hosted by the University of British Columbia.
Ministry Updates
2015 Taiwan Literature Awards
The ceremony for the 2015 Taiwan Literature Awards, which encompass the two categories of books and original works, was held at the Tainan-based National Museum of Taiwan Literature on Dec. 5 to commend this year's winners.
NMH celebrates 60th anniversary
The National Museum of History, the first museum established in Taiwan by the Republic of China government, will hold a series of commemorative events to celebrate its 60th anniversary.
'The Real Thing'
A digital art exhibition in Taichung featuring Taiwanese collaboration with international artists from Canada, France, and Japan discusses the concept of reality and the constraints of perception.
'Kulumah in!'
The hunting culture of Taiwan's indigenous Bunan tribe is celebrated in an exhibition that brings relics housed by the National Taiwan Museum back to their hometown Haiduan Township in Taitung.
'Taiwan Good Craft'
The 4th Taiwan Tea Industry Fair will open in Taichung from Dec. 11 through 14, with 6 certificated craft manufacturers led by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute joining to showcase locally made teaware.
Cultural Features
The late composer was known for his deft combination of Eastern and Western music, earning high praise from The New York Times for 'letting his instruments speak in a European voice but with an Asian mind.'
Composer | Ma Shui-long
Under the leadership of troupe founder Liu Feng-shueh, the majority of Neo-Classic Dance Company's works focus on abstract ideas and explorations into the nature of dance, including 'movement,' 'timing,' and 'dynamics.'
Neo-Classic Dance Company
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