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ISSUE #233
'Pameran Warisan Budaya Taiwan' is a 23-day program of exhibitions and activities on Taiwan's cultural heritage at George Town, Penang's Whiteaways Arcade.
'Taiwan’s Lost Commercial Cinema – Recovered and Restored' is a symposium and a seven-nation Europe tour featuring 10 iconic Taiwanese-language films.
'The View of Formosa's Landscapes from Photographers II,' one of the key photographic exhibitions from the National Taiwan Museum, is on view in Tokyo.
'Our Time: Taiwan New Cinema' hopes to share the unique style of storytelling of Taiwanese cinema through the careers and influence of five foundational filmmakers.
'Diversity and Transformation,' the first UK exhibition showcasing Taiwanese cultural heritage, opens at the European Research Institute of the University of Birmingham.
Under the theme 'Wonderful World, Colorful Taiwan,' the festival showcases how Taiwanese arts thrive in a society built upon a platform of cultural diversity.
Ministry Updates
Ministry, Taichung to establish comics museum
Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun has signed a memorandum of understanding with Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia-lung to pool together resources for the preservation, display, and promotion of Taiwan’s original comics.
Taipei exhibition traces folk song movement
The Taiwan Music Institute will hold a special exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Folk Song Fieldwork Movement, in which senior musicians searched for the musical roots of Taiwanese culture in the 1960s.
Indigenous writer releases new translated novel
Prolific Tao author Syaman Rapongan has released the Japanese edition of his 2014 autobiographical novel 'Drifting Dreams on the Ocean,' marking his status as one of the most-translated indigenous writers from contemporary Taiwan.
Cultural Features
Through short and concise language, Syaman Rapongan has been writing with deep emotions about his traditional Tao world on Orchid Island. He is able to describe and analyze it because he once left it for more than 10 years to lead a city life.
Writer | Syaman Rapongan
2017 Golden Horse Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year Hu Ding-yi has created sound effects for more than 100 Taiwan films. He is known as somewhat of an audile – a person whose mental imagery is auditory rather than visual or motor.
Foley Artist | Hu Ding-yi
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