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ISSUE #147
Metallic crafts and jewelry that have received acclaim from Taiwan's premier crafts competition are on display at the National Ornamental Metal Museum of Tennessee.
Film buffs will be remiss to miss out on a special retrospective on Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien running at the Deutsches Filmmuseum.
The films of Hou Hsiao-hsien, filmmaker extraordinaire, are currently available in a special retrospective program at the La Cinematheque Francaise.
'The Inspired Island II,' a documentary series on seven eminent writers based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, is now available at Broadway Circuit Palace ifc.
Ministry Updates
'ReMade in Taiwan' to join Venice Biennale
Ahead of Taiwan's ninth appearance at the Venice Biennale in May, the design concept of the 2016 Taiwan Pavilion was unveiled to be 'ReMade in Taiwan.'
'An Alternative Travelogue'
'An Alternative Travelogue,' a new media exhibition organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, aims to reflect on contemporary social issues and the consequences of globalization.
'Dear Hometown'
The New Taipei exhibition featuring contemporary photography on loan from Art Bank Taiwan showcases images of Taiwanese cities and towns through the lens of eight promising photographers.
Grants offered for Southeast Asian artists
To foster deeper and more diverse collaboration in the arts among the cultural communities of Southeast Asia and Taiwan, a grants program offering up to NT$900,000 per project will accept proposals through March 15, 2016.
Cultural Features
Deeply inspired by the daily life and natural scenery of Taiwan, the late pioneering gouache painter was one of the first artists who depicted everyday Taiwanese culture and scenery in his grand paintings.
Painter | Kuo Hsueh-hu
Sun Tsui-feng, a Taiwanese opera diva performing with the Ming Hwa Yuan opera troupe, is one of the few opera actresses in Taiwan who can play both female and male roles.
Opera Actress | Sun Tsui-feng
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