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ISSUE #204
Exposition Photo Meta Data: Paris - Taipei,' a photography exhibition featuring digital works by two Taiwanese artists, is on view at Galerie La Ville a des arts.
The Central Naval Museum in St Petersburg is showcasing a collection of historic documents & photos that juxtapose Taiwan in the 1870s with its contemporary visage.
'Mode in Taiwan,' a fashion exhibition featuring 75 works by 3 London-based Taiwanese designers, is being held at the Calais Lace Museum in northern France.
Female artists take the center stage at the 'Considerate Creations: Chameleons' group exhibition running at the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.
'Sensational Mind/Sensacinal Mente,' where photography is neither landscape or portrait, is a running exhibition at the Colourworks Photo Art Space in Wilmington.
'REWOVEN: Innovative Fiber Art,' an international collaboration among Taiwanese and American museums and art galleries, lands in New York City.
Ministry Updates
Month-long Taipei program to celebrate Taiwan-SEA ties
The Ministry of Culture will launch a month-long program to strengthen the ties between Taiwan and Southeast Asia and promote mutual understanding through the multilateral cultural diplomacy that underpins Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy.
Raising awareness on heritage disaster prevention
The Ministry of Culture has declared September as Cultural Heritage Disaster Prevention Awareness Month. Nationwide heritage site fire drills will be held throughout the year.
Taiwan, Japan to work on prehistoric raft project
The Taitung-based National Museum of Prehistory and Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science have entered a partnership to construct a traditional Amis raft this year for testing the feasibility of prehistoric migration by sea.
Minister pledges to preserve Taiwan's music heritage
The Ministry of Culture will provide resources for the storage of Taiwan music materials, upgrade both the physical facilities and human resources of the Taiwan Music Institute, and promote research on Taiwan's music history.
Cultural Features
Midi Z is an award-winning filmmaker of Burmese heritage who strives to bring the situation of Myanmar migrants to the big screen. His latest film, 'The Road to Mandalay,' was based on his older sister's real-life experiences in smuggling herself into Thailand.
Filmmaker | Midi Z
Baolai Cultural Association was founded upon the mission to recreate the glory of regional tourism after devastation from Typhoon Morakot. After bringing together local residents to participate in developing the region's culture, local crafts, and ecology, Baolai has been reintroduced to the public as a brand-new community.
Baolai Cultural Association
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