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ISSUE #273
Late Japanese scholar Mitsuru Nishikawa's collection of Taiwan-inspired cultural relics is now on view at two museums in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture.
From dance and theater to drama, the expansive repertoire of four Taiwanese troupes is a showcase of Taiwan's beautiful culture and performance arts on the world stage.
"Tradition in the Near Future" seeks to showcase the contemporary arts, films, and performances inspired by Taiwan's traditional temple fairs.
Taiwan's renowned photographer Shen Chao-liang is holding a solo exhibition on Taiwanese stage-car culture at the Sala Amárica gallery in Vitoria, Spain.
Chin-pao Chen is the first Taiwan artist to be featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual exhibition in France.
To help Taiwan's contemporary arts gain exposure, Art Bank Taiwan has curated a contemporary art exhibition at the TECRO Cultural Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Ministry Updates
‘Fresh Taiwan’ taps into museums as global sales channels
The "Fresh Taiwan" project was launched in 2012 to help local creative entrepreneurs enter international markets. Having acquired a registered trademark this year, the initiative is now promoting the works of these entrepreneurs through museums like the National Palace Museum.
Documentary tour to offer free screenings across Taiwan
The 2018 Taiwan Documentary Screening Tour will offer 29 Taiwan-made documentaries through 150 screenings and 27 post-screening discussions, in which documentary directors along with film crew members will share their filming experiences with the audience.
Penghu forum highlights preservation of underwater heritage
The Penghu 10th Regional Forum of the 2018 National Cultural Heritage Congress played host to talks on issues including monitoring and reviewing cultural heritage listings, integrating cultural heritage with tourism, and surveying underwater cultural heritage.
Cultural Features
Chen Ming-chang is a singer-songwriter and composer whose works are rooted in Taiwan's culture and traditions. He has won four international composition awards for best original score for the guitar ballads he composed for films by auteurs Hou Hsiao-hsien, Hirokazu Kore-eda, and Lin Cheng-sheng.
Folk Music Artist | Chen Ming-chang
A wood carving's composition requires attention to layers and depth of field, and through a creation of fantastical scenes within reality, such art could be said to be a concentrated expression of the essence of life. It is in this area that sculptor Mary Leu works, producing finely detailed pieces that radiate an astonishing vitality.
Wood Sculptor | Mary Leu
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