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ISSUE #570
Taiwanese acclaimed artist Lee Ming-wei's "Our Labyrinth" performance presents at London's art gallery Tate Modern in the UK from May 26 to June 15. In 2020 "Our Labyrinth" was acquired by Tate Modern for its collection, and this year the work is being presented for the first time as part of the gallery's free displays.
Taiwanese artist Wang Ya-hui's video installation work is displayed in Bilbao, Spain, as part of a traveling exhibition launched by US' Mandala Lab at the Rubin Museum of Art. Themed on rice fields based on her memory, the video tells the story of her gaining a sense of peace from the scent of rice fields after moving to the countryside.
A group of young Taiwanese artists brings a Taiwanese-themed live art experience titled "Islanders: Compound Playground" to New Yorkers from June 17 to 18 in Long Island City. This program combines music, dance, film, and an interactive audio-visual experience, and authentic Taiwanese street food will also be served on-site.
Ministry Updates
French film festival celebrating artistic freedom at TFAI
Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI) and France's La Cinémathèque française (House of the Movies) have jointly curated a film festival, "French Classics Rediscovered: Freedom For Us," providing the audience in Taiwan with a rare glimpse of the artistic freedom expressed in French cinema and society during the interwar period.
Taipei Arts Festival in Taiwan and the London International Festival of Theatre in the UK will work together on a two-year research and exhibition project "Bat Feast Lab," as part of an International Collaboration Grants program launched by the British Council.
Novelist Chi Wei-jan
Taiwanese novelist Chi Wei-jan was awarded the Honkaku Mystery Award, a Japanese award that honors the best work in the genre of mystery fiction, with his first novel "Private Eyes." It tells the story of a former professor who becomes a private detective and received warm responses from the public after its release in 2011.
Cultural Features
Taiwanese animation director Joe Hsieh excels at exploring the dark side of human nature in the medium of hand-drawn animation. His animated short "Night Bus" not only won awards at the Golden Horse and Sundance Film Festivals but also took the top prize at Animafest Zagreb, and it was also shortlisted for the 2022 Academy Awards and the Annie Awards, which is considered the Oscars of animation.
Director | Joe Hsieh
As the first contemporary dance company in the Chinese-speaking community, "Cloud Gate" was named after the oldest known dance performed in China during the era of the Yellow Emperor. Led by founder and choreographer Lin Wai-min, Cloud Gate has transformed ancient aesthetics into a thrilling modern celebration of motion and has been called "Asia's leading contemporary dance theatre" by The Times of London.
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
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