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ISSUE #290
The exhibition explores the everyday currency of labor, time, desire, power, and language to shed light on the tangible meaning of exchange.
Hsu Chia-wei cuts across time and geography to narrate the history of the Malayan tapir and its relations to colonial powers and zoos in Southeast Asia.
The world-renowned Mori Art Museum has invited two Taiwan artists to join its disaster-themed program "Catastrophe and the Power of Art."
Featuring 36 contemporary Taiwanese artists, Taiwan's culture of freedom is being showcased through the arts at the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.
Festive Lunar New Year prints from Taiwan are being showcased for the first time at Chelyabinsk, a Russian city close to the Ural Mountains.
Two Taiwan acts have been invited to participate in the inaugural Thailand Biennale — the foremost international exhibition of contemporary arts in Thailand.
Ministry Updates
Crystalline glaze master receives lifetime award
Crystalline glaze master Sun Chao is the recipient of the 12th National Crafts Achievement Award. The honor is a reflection of his superlative craftsmanship, personality, and attitude, as well as his work in promoting and passing on his craft.
Wanshan recognized as 9th national archaeology site
The Wanshan Historical Site, an archaeology excavation site in eastern Taiwan, has been recognized as a national heritage site. The site is home to 12 jade artifacts with humanoid and beast characteristics, and provides insightful discoveries into the social workings of the Neolithic community in Yilan.
Cultural Features
Chen Hsi-huang is a veritable master of Taiwanese puppetry who has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a "National Living Treasure" — an official designation that recognizes living artists and important groups for their role in preserving the nation's cultural heritage.
Glove Puppeteer | Chen Hsi-huang
An Bing-yao is an elder of the Tsou people of Alishan Township, Chiayi County. While he has an excellent knowledge of a range of Tsou traditions and cultural aspects, his particular specialty is traditional hide tanning; his fine craftsmanship truly showcases the distinctive aesthetics of the Tsou.
Tsou Tanner | An Bing-yao
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