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ISSUE #506
US | March 15 – May 01
Asian Pop-Up Cinema
TW | March 11 – March 15
2021 Taipei Fashion Week AW21
"Doctor," a black-and-white documentary feature directed by Taiwanese film director Chung Mong-Hong will be screened at the virtual cinema of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York through Mar. 17.
The 2021 Taiwan International Light Festival (TILF) will explore theme of "Silver Lining" amidst uncertainties, taking place at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) in Taichung through Mar. 28.
Taiwanese literature will be highlighted at the BCLT's "International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School 2021." Five Taiwanese translators will be selected by the National Museum of Taiwan to receive full funding to attend the Summer School.
Ministry Updates
"Artists in Taiwan" comic artist artworks collection
Japan's Pixiv and Taiwan's Gaea Books jointly published "Artists in Taiwan," a book presenting 200 pages of fully colored illustrations, animations, and comic artworks of Taiwanese manga artists.
Early classic Taiwanese paintings exhibited at NTMoFA
Taichung-based NTMoFA is presenting "Revisiting the Classics" exhibition, highlighting artworks by Taiwanese artists in the early 20th century, including renowned painters Kuo Hsueh-hu and his spouse Lin A-chin.
Choreographer, chant-singer bestowed highest honor
Two esteemed figures in the arts – modern dancer and choreographer Liu Feng-shueh and chant-singer Yang Xiu-qing – were honored with the 40th National Cultural Award, a recognition of lifetime achievement by the Executive Yuan.
Cultural Features
Chen Tsing-fang is a man of many talents. He is a painter, art historian, writer, and philosopher. In 2001, Chen was awarded by Friends of the United Nations with a "Global Tolerance Award" for his lifetime of work dedicated to peace, and for his art of multiculturalism.
Artist | Chen Tsing-fang
"An architect's work is only good when people and organizations using it care for it; if they don't care about it, it will make us sad upon seeing it." — Architect Hsueh Chin
Architect & Cultural Preservation Advocate | Hsueh Chin
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