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ISSUE #484
Four Taiwanese artists are set to present a collaborative media art project at the CYNETART, an international festival of media art on selected days from October through December in Dresden, Germany.
"Days" the latest cinematic work by Taiwan-based Malaysian director Tsai Ming-liang, has been selected for the main lineup of the 58th New York Film Festival (NYFF) from Sept. 17 through Oct. 11.
Ministry Updates
Taipei Fashion Week to kick off in style
Themed "Re:connext," the month-long event seeks to revitalize Taiwan's fashion industry and spark conversation on how the industry can thrive amid the global outbreak.
Indie musician conferred posthumous presidential citation
Independent musician Yen Yung-neng was presented a posthumous presidential honor, accepted by Yen's widow. Minister Lee lauded Yen for his dedication to music and musical education.
Loan program launched to inspire youth entrepreneurship
MOC launched a new loan scheme on Sept. 23, providing loans of up to NT$12 million to cultural and creative businesses less than five years old and run by individuals aged 20 to 45, to encourage youth entrepreneurship.
Cultural Features
Taiwan Sound Lab aims to become an important institution that combines sound, technology, art, and culture, and can explore the possibilities of sound art based on scientific research and technological innovation.
Taiwan Sound Lab
With millions of historic relics excavated from prehistoric sites across Taiwan, preserving and better archiving these priceless archaeological items is the focus at National Management Project for Artifact from Archaeological Sites – Eastern Collection Center, one of four collection centers.
National Management Project for Artifact from Archaeological Sites
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