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ISSUE #176
'KUSO Project,' named after the Taiwanese netizen term for all things outrageous and funny, takes an absurdist approach to the spread of globalization via internet.
The exhibition is part of the Post-Ecolonialism Project, an artist movement aimed at repopulating mountains with native plants after Typhoon Morakot ravaged Taiwan.
A rare glimpse of the weaving of Taiwan's indigenous peoples is being offered by a special exhibition running at the International Museum of Art & Science in Texas.
'Taiwan en la Pantalla,' a film series featuring five Taiwanese films with Spanish subtitles, is hosted by Filmoteca de Andalucía and the Cultural Division in Madrid.
'Extrastellar Evaluations,' a series of works inspired by the lost continent of Lemuria by Taiwanese artist Chen Yin-ju, is currently running at the 2016 Liverpool Biennale.
The cinema series is made possible with the support of the Chinese Film Association of Malaysia, Malaysia Han Culture Center, and Penang City Eye press.
Ministry Updates
National museums deepen ties with regional centers
A total of sixteen local cultural museums with an indigenous focus will be joining the Museum Mentorship 2.0 program with resources supported by two national-level museums this year.
'An Impression of Taiwan: Travel Souvenirs'
A special exhibition featuring Taiwan-made souvenirs and gifts favored by Japanese visitors eight decades ago is currently running at the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan.
'Vivid Colors, Vigorous Life'
A mixed media retrospective exhibition on Liao Shiou-ping, a celebrated artist revered as the Father of Modern Printmaking in Taiwan, is now showing at the National Museum of History in Taipei.
Tainan to hold forums, workshops on SEA festivals
The inaugural 'Southeast Asian Culture in Taiwan' program, which will run through next year in Tainan, will hold events relating to cultural festivals from Southeast Asian countries to reflect the unique customs of each country.
Cultural Features
As a musician, performer, and artist from the indigenous tribe of Truku, Dondon Houmwm serves as a driving force in preserving and reviving Taiwan's dwindling aboriginal cultures and languages through music and performance art.
Truku Singer-Songwriter | Dondon Houmwm
TASAT aims to advance and protect the rights of foreign spouses by providing language lessons, workshops, and forums on immigration issues, and organizing art and cultural events to help members engage with the Taiwanese society.
TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan
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