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ISSUE #319
moCa Cleveland is presenting a group of seminal works by famed Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei as the centerpiece of its 50th anniversary suite of exhibitions.
Incense offerings, rice paper drawings, and mantra inscriptions by Taiwanese artist Charwei Tsai are now on display at the Rubin Museum of Art.
Quai Branly Museum spotlights traditional Taiwanese culture by examining the longstanding practice of burning paper offerings for loved ones in the afterlife.
"Lightscapes: Re-envisioning the Sanshuihua" hopes to bring forth new interpretations of Chinese landscape ink painting by using art-based methodologies.
Ministry Updates
The 23rd Taiwan-France Cultural Award
The 23rd Taiwan-France Cultural Award was presented to French scholar Josiane Cauquelin, Taiwanese radio presenter Miao Yung-hua, and German opera director Lukas Hemleb on July 1 in Paris by Deputy Minister of Culture Hsiao Tsung-huang.
Deputy Minister visits Taiwanese artists in France
Deputy Minister of Culture Hsiao Tsung-huang visited Taiwanese artists serving residency at the Cité internationale des arts (Cité) on July 2 to learn more about the latest development in cultural exchanges between Taiwan and France.
Cultural Features
Gang-A-Tsui is a pioneer in adopting movements from Nanguan opera. Performers also are trained in Tai Chi and other meditative techniques to help them to express the true essence of the graceful and beautifully composed Nanguan opera.
Gang-A-Tsui Theater Nanguan Music Ensemble
B. Dance has been making rounds in major European and North American dance festivals in recent years. Adhering to the core value of "persistence for beautiful art conservation," B. Dance is a composite team with cross-industry links.
B. Dance
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