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ISSUE #532
Organized by the Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Germany, the "I am here now / Ich im Hier & Jetzt" exhibition at this year's Kunstfest Weimar will showcase contemporary artworks and live performances by various Taiwanese artists in Holzdorf Manor park, Germany from Aug. 27 to Sep. 12.
Due to the pandemic, Ars Electronica Festival in Austria will be holding a performance online from Sep. 8 to 12 this year, featuring Taiwanese pianist Lu Chia-hui who will be promoting "Sacred Garden" which contains five major programs from the Egret Foundation in the hope of displaying Taiwan's soft power.
The Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany and the Swiss tba Film Collective will jointly launch the Taiwan-themed film exhibition "Taiwan Cinema" to screen 20 iconic Taiwanese films at the Filmpodium in Zurich for over 70 times between July 3 to September 16.
Ministry Updates
Taiwanese illustrator Page Tsou
Award-winning visual artist Page Tsou's solo exhibition "ONIRISMI Page Tsou Solo Exhibition," which was co-curated by the Associazione Culturale NOI ALTRI and the Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Italy, unveiled its grand opening at BASE Milano as part of the Milan Design Week 2021 on Sep. 4.
The 2016 work "Dao Wu Gui Guo Qu" by Taiwanese children's book illustrator Liu Hsu-kung, whose previous book "The Orange Horse" was selected in Sweden's classic collection of children's literature "Vår skattkammare" in 2017, was translated into Swedish in April this year, and was well-received after it was published in Sweden.
2 ancient remains excavated in Chiayi during construction
Having progressed by more than 30%, the Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project's unit excavated the remains of a pair of man and woman in supine position, with their hands behind their backs from 2500 years ago earlier this year, and have subsequently moved them to the National Museum of Prehistory for temporary maintenance and research purposes.
Cultural Features
Alice Ko has said that many of her roles have had some elements of her own personality, such as Lin Yi-nan in "Night Market Hero" and her confronting unfairness and the youthful innocence of the title character in "Miao Miao." But the one Ko felt the most kinship with was Vivienne Tsai of "Marry Me, or Not?," saying in her 2016 Golden Bell Awards acceptance speech that Tsai's "superficial stubbornness was a protective sheen masking inner vulnerability," hinting at the inner self that lies behind the brilliance she herself shows on screen.
Actor | Alice Ko
Eric Chen believes that architecture is not just an object to be thought about in terms of floor space and size, but a system and a medium for the formation of networks, as well as something closely related to the cultures, living environments, and styles of ordinary people, so it is worth exploring in greater depth the measures by which we can respond to changes and events through architecture, and perhaps through these responses, in some small way have our own impact on society.
Architect | Eric Chen
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