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ISSUE #288
The exhibition explores the everyday currency of labor, time, desire, power, and language to shed light on the tangible meaning of exchange.
Hsu Chia-wei cuts across time and geography to narrate the history of the Malayan tapir and its relations to colonial powers and zoos in Southeast Asia.
The world-renowned Mori Art Museum has invited two Taiwan artists to join its disaster-themed program "Catastrophe and the Power of Art."
Featuring 36 contemporary Taiwanese artists, Taiwan's culture of freedom is being showcased through the arts at the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.
Festive Lunar New Year prints from Taiwan are being showcased for the first time at Chelyabinsk, a Russian city close to the Ural Mountains.
Two Taiwan acts have been invited to participate in the inaugural Thailand Biennale — the foremost international exhibition of contemporary arts in Thailand.
Ministry Updates
Plans for bringing forth a ‘Taiwan Renaissance’ underway
The Ministry of Culture will work with the Taichung City Government on a project for the revitalization and reuse of the Taichung Prefectural Hall and the former city council building to bring forth another "Taiwan Renaissance."
Legacy of Taiwan artists documented through text, video
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts releases its latest installment of biographies and documentary films on senior Taiwanese artists. They will be made available to local libraries, public schools, and diplomatic missions stationed in Taiwan.
Taipei Int’l TV Market secures US$13 million in deals
The Taipei International TV Market & Forum, Taiwan's largest annual TV rights trading event, closed successfully on Nov. 15 after hosting visitors from 24 nations and regions and facilitating an estimated US$13 million in deals.
Cultural Features
When Lin Huang-chiao turned 52, she decided she wanted to take up rush weaving to help pass the time. With no formal training or teacher, she nonetheless began turning out pieces that amazed the art world, earning her acclaim as a master outsider artist.
Rush Weaver | Lin Huang-chiao
Kuskus is among the oldest Paiwan villages in Pingtung's Mudan area, with over two centuries of history. Its people are embracing metalwork to improve the community's economic situation and secure the future of traditional handicrafts in Taiwan.
Kuskus Community Development Association
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