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ISSUE #529
The 44th Asian American International Film Festival returns with a new lineup of films consisting of 20 films and 60 short films, with seven Taiwan productions featuring stories of loss, discovery, and re-birth from the urban sprawl of Taipei to the shores of California, to be screened at the festival, which will run from until August 22 in New York.
Taiwanese artist Ho Chia-ling's new solo exhibition "How Are You?" which explores the sense of belonging, nationality, and the complex and sometimes conflicted experience of Asian immigrants in the American discussion of racial identity, will take place at the Atrium Gallery of the 18th Street Arts Center in California from Aug. 16 to Sep. 24.
Featuring 35 works curated from the collection of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and other artists, "Wayfaring: Photography in 1970s–80s Taiwan" will be on view from Jul. 30 to Oct. 28 at the Australian Centre on China in the World Gallery of the Australian National University in Canberra, showcasing the images of Taiwanese society during the 1970s and 1980s.
Ministry Updates
Presidential citation sought for late film director Li Hsing
In remembrance of late Taiwanese film director Li Hsing who passed away on Aug. 19 at the age of 91 and his life-long dedication to the film industry and contributions to the promotion of Taiwanese films, Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te will apply for a posthumous presidential citation.
Culture Minister visits historic Lin Kai-tai Clinic in Chiayi
The Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te visited Chiayi County on Aug. 16 to inspect the restoration progress of the historic Lin Kai-tai Clinic, pointing out that the building contains a wealth of cultural history in addition to being the former residence of national treasure Lin Hwai-min’s grandfather.
National Language Development Conference concluded
This year, the first "National Language Development Conference" jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, Hakka Affairs Council and Council of Indigenous Peoples held a series of eight forums from July to August to collect feedback on the revival of the national language of which the last session themed around “national language learning ability” was concluded on August 15.
Cultural Features
Kuo Chih-yuan worked in a wide range of genres and compositional styles, including the symphony "The Mainland to Taiwan"; the opera "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl," which was first performed in Paris in 1986; the light opera "Xu Xian and the White Lady"; various orchestral pieces, concertos, and choral pieces; and the famous pop songs "Red Rose," "The Day We First Met," No One Knows What's In My Heart," and the Taiwanese patriotic song "The Song of Taiwan" and "Onward, People of Taiwan!"
Father of Modern Taiwanese Folk Music | Kuo Chih-yuan
Over the years, Rainbow Village painter Huang Yung-fu has created a variety of colorful artworks throughout the remaining buildings of the village, including ones of birds, animals, and people. The brick walls on either side are painted with fascinating images in bold and lively colors, mainly pink and light blue, while the road has a magnificent rainbow. The figures on the walls have childlike lines and colors that seem to have splashed fully formed from the paint bucket, brightening up the lives of the visitors as much as the village.
Rainbow Village
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