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ISSUE #494
New York's Anthology Film Archive will be presenting "Taiwan B-Movies" series, including five crime blockbuster films from the late seventies and the 2005 documentary "Taiwan Black Movies," until Dec. 15.
"Incurable Nostalgia," a multimedia project including film, videos, drawings, and sculpture, which artist Nung-Hsin Hu created during her residency at the 18th Street Arts Center and will be exhibited at the Atrium Gallery thru Jan 2021.
The inaugural Queer East Film Festival will take place online and in-cinemas across the U.K., with Taiwan as the country of focus, showcasing our rich tradition of LGBTQ+ filmmaking with 10 feature films and 8 short films.
Ministry Updates
NMH celebrates its 65th birthday
The National Museum of History (NMH) celebrated its 65th anniversary, releasing books, documentaries, and online exhibitions to express gratitude towards the public for their support.
Commemoration of 2020 Human Rights Day
The National Human Rights Museum organized a ceremony to commemorate the Human Rights Day 2020 at the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park.
Visually Impaired Music Competition winners celebrated
President Tsai Ing-wen received winners of the 28th Visually Impaired Music Competition at the Presidential Office, and reiterated the government’s commitment to eliminating disparities in cultural participation.
Cultural Features
Dedicated to its founding mission of promoting traditional culture and popularizing acrobatics, over the past three decades, the Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe has continuously discovered innovations from tradition, incorporated Western theatrical elements with the folk performing arts to create something that is both traditional and innovative.
Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe
The Taipei Music Center, which officially opened its doors in September 2020, is Asia's first center dedicated entirely to pop music, providing a multi-functional venue built with a specific focus on the genre.
Diamond-class Music Mecca | Taipei Music Center
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