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Bureau of Cultural Heritage

Bureau of Cultural Heritage

  • Chinese Name: 文化資產局
  • Address: No. 362 Fuxing Rd. Section 3, South Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan


The Bureau of Cultural Heritage is responsible for preserving and restoring historic buildings, sites, communities, relics, and cultural landscapes, as well as conserving Taiwan's traditional arts, folk culture, and other cultural legacies.


The Bureau is the nation's highest authority on national cultural heritage management. It designates, lists, and plans the preservation of all aspects of Taiwan's national cultural heritage, such as historic sites and important ancient objects. It also leads investigation and research into both tangible and intangible cultural assets.


It works to preserve, conserve, and pass down Taiwan's national cultural heritage systematically, while promoting international cooperation in this field. The Bureau aims to achieve several goals and objectives, including preserving diverse cultural heritages, attaining the sustainable revitalization of cultural heritage, educating the public about cultural legacies, and spreading the knowledge of cultural heritage restoration through cloud computing.


Among the Bureau's various programs are the promotion of international exchanges on intangible cultural assets, the hosting of workshops and training for heritage-related professionals, and assistance to local governments in planning and establishing preservation areas.


The Bureau also operates a cultural heritage preservation research center in the southern city of Tainan, which has a restoration research room, a laboratory, a library and several study rooms. The center is located in the same building as the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.


In recent years, the Bureau has been focusing on developing techniques and applied research on the preservation of local cultural heritage. It has set up an exchange platform for collaborative heritage restoration among academic institutions in Taiwan, and it also provides other cultural heritage management institutions with scientific tests, consultation and assistance.


The Bureau aims to improve preservation and restoration techniques in Taiwan by developing necessary technology, equipment and expertise. An additional objective is to integrate relevant research results and turn them into digital content for broader use.