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Performance Arts | Three-Tier Funding Project

  • Date:2015-08-18
Performance Arts | Three-Tier Funding Project

  • Chinese Title:「演藝團隊分級獎助計畫」

The Three-tier Funding Project is a Ministry initiative that aims to create a financially stable environment for local performing arts groups.
First launched in 1999, the project ranks Taiwanese troupes according to their sizes and stages of development:

  • Tier Three: Incubation. The Ministry offers funding to newly established or experimental groups to help alleviate their financial worries.
  • Tier Two: Development. The Ministry covers the venue expenses and training fees for groups of considerable size and fame.
  • Tier One: Excellence. The Ministry helps well-established performing arts groups to showcase their creative works at the international level.

By removing major economic obstacles, the Three-tier Funding Project enables local troupes to focus on creating and refining their performances. In 2012 alone, the participating groups performed in front of more than 3.6 million people by staging a total of 6,600 shows in Taiwan and around the world.

The 2015 leg will offer NT$156 million (US$4.9 million) to 88 individuals artists and performing groups, including 18musical ensembles, 24 dancing groups, 20 traditional opera companies, and 26 modern theater troupes.