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Performance Arts | Taiwan Brand Project

  • Date:2017-05-08
Performance Arts | Taiwan Brand Project

The Taiwan Brand Project is a flagship initiative that for helping performing art groups become globally competitive and internationally renowned by:

    • Helping performance troupes focus on artistic creation. The Ministry has budgeted NT$100 million (US$3.36 million) to subsidize local groups that have staged performances overseas or have such potential, and whose operations have reached a certain size.

    • Introducing Taiwan's unique performing arts to the world. The Ministry will assist top-performing Taiwanese groups in establishing their brand names and gaining renown in the international art community.

    • Making performing arts more accessible. To achieve the Ministry's objective of securing equal cultural rights for all citizens, participating groups are encouraged to reach out to communities and villages in Taiwan's more remote regions.

Previous recipents include Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Foundation, Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group, Ju Percussion Group Foundation, Paper Windmill Theater, and U Theatre Culture & Arts Foundation.