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Performance Arts | National Performing Arts Center

  • Date:2018-03-12
National Performing Arts Center

Inaugurated in April 2014 as the nation's highest-level independent cultural institute, the National Performing Arts Center is seen as the key to the structural upgrade of the arts education and cultural environment in Taiwan.

The Center governs three venues — the National Theater and Concert Hall in northern Taiwan, the National Taichung Theater in central Taiwan, and the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts in southern Taiwan. The triad of world-class performance centers offers a combined 11 performance halls and 13,193 seats.  It also heads the National Symphony Orchestra, which is better known as Taiwan Philharmonic abroad. 

As an administrative corporation, the Center is tasked with three major functions: to connect its subordinate performance venues with the international community; to foster a strong team of board members and artistic directors who are skilled negotiators; and to enrich society through the tasteful and imaginative implementation of public policies.

Through professional management, the cultivation of performing arts talent, and the integration of local momentum with international trends, the Center plays a major role in strengthening the caliber of performing arts in Taiwan.

The second board of directors includes:

Returning Directors

  • Ju Tzong-ching, current chairperson of the National Performing Arts Center
  • Wu Jing-jyi, Emeritus Professor at National Chengchi University
  • Liu Fu-mei, music educator
  • Chung Chiao, author/theater worker

New Directors

  • Lin Shu-cheng, professor at Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University
  • Cheng Rom-shing, professor at Department of Taiwan Opera, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
  • Su Zhao-ying, former CEO of the National Culture and Arts Foundation
  • Ljuzem Madiljin, artistic director of Tjimur Dance Theatre
  • Stanley Chu, general manager of SinoPac Financial Holdings/chairman of Sinopac Securities
  • Henry Kao, chairman of I-Mei Foods
  • Xu Shengjie, chairman of Cheng Zhi Investment
  • Tsai Chang-hai, chairman of China Medical University
  • Fan Sun-lu, Deputy Minister of Education
  • Kelly Wu-chiao Hsieh, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Hsiao Tsung-huang, Deputy Minister of Culture


The second board of supervisors includes:

  • T.H. Tung, chairman of Pegatron
  • Yang Chyi-wen, professor at School of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts
  • Lindy L.Y. Chern, partner at Baker & McKenzie (Taiwan)
  • Chang Min-yu, director of Taiwan Shin Kong Security Foundation for Arts and Culture
  • Lee Chiu-yueh, director of Accounting and Statistics Division, Ministry of Culture