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  • Date:2020-07-07

The Ministry of Culture supports freedom of creation and expression in the arts and culture, the building of a robust ecosystem for artistic and cultural development, the continued nurturing of both talented artists and a population that appreciates the arts, and the construction of a sound platform for the development of Taiwanese arts and culture.

In the visual arts, the Ministry aims to balance the development of various art forms, the cultivation of talented artists, and the encouragement of innovation with the maintenance of creative rights and an environment conducive to creation through a comprehensive system of arts venues and facilities and stronger work in preservation and research. In this way, the humanistic touch of Taiwanese arts and culture are better able to enrich the nation’s appreciation for aesthetics and further project an international presence.

In the performing arts, the Ministry aims to promote the balanced development of the performing arts environment, cultivate creative talent, and boost overall appreciation of the arts and culture. Using theater arts as a cultural catalyst, the Ministry hopes to bolster the art development ecosystem and assist performing arts troupes in showcasing the nation's uniqueness as an internationally identifiable culture, and through experiential cultural education, nourish artistic literacy and enhance cultural cultivation.

Key Initiatives

Building a Robust Ecosystem for Artistic Development:

1. Visual Arts:

In addition to traditional painting, sculpture, and photography, "visual arts" also includes various emerging creative forms of media art that combine art and technology. Through the "Reconstruction of Taiwanese Art History" initiative, Art Bank Taiwan, public art installations, youth art subsidies, artist villages, visual arts subsidies, participation in international art exhibitions, and more, the Ministry aims to foster an environment for the visual arts in which creative freedom and diversity can flourish.

2. Performing Arts:

Through the launching of subsidy programs including the "Taiwan Brand" project, residency projects that match performance groups with available venues, Program to Support Outstanding Regional Performing Arts Groups, and Performing Arts-Technology Cross-Industry Creation Subsidies Program, the Ministry takes a point, line, and plane approach to injecting resources to drive the overall development of the artistic environment.

Assisting in Balanced Development of Local Culture:

1. Upgrading of Arts and Cultural Venues:

Through efforts to build/rebuild local arts and cultural venues and upgrade/purchase local art gallery collection spaces, the Ministry aims to make arts and cultural venues a driving force for the provision of high-quality cultural services.

2. Cultivating an Artistic and Cultural Populace:

Assisting county and city governments in the establishment of professionally oriented arts and cultural venues and integrating existing arts and cultural characteristics and resources on the ground will enable arts and cultural education to take root and expand the appreciation of arts and culture. Through this, the Ministry promotes the internationalization of Taiwan's cultural festivals along with support programs for local culture, driving cultural tourism and boosting the prosperity of local businesses.

Global Exchanges

1. Sending Culture-based Talent Abroad:

In order to encourage culture-focused talent to travel abroad for residencies and exchanges, every year the Ministry provides subsidies to send artists for residencies with contracted partners in various countries, honing their creative energies while also increasing opportunities for exchange and connection with foreign artists.

2. Subsidizing Tours to China of Domestic Classics:

To support Taiwan’s outstanding performing arts groups in connecting with the Chinese market through classic works with strong word of mouth, the Ministry assists them in traveling to various venues around China for ticketed performances.

3. Upgrading Taiwanese Cultural Festivals:

In line with the concept of "the more local, the more international," the Ministry works to bring together local cultural and artistic creators participating in performance projects with the professional skills of curators to boost the quality of cultural festivals and gradually build stronger links between Taiwan and the international community.

4. Funding International Participation:

The Ministry encourages the domestic visual arts industry to hold outreach events and participate in international art exhibitions to expand the international market for Taiwanese art, boost international exposure for established and rising Taiwanese artists, and elevate the overall visual arts industry.

5. Supporting International Organizations, NGOs, Events:

The International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) is the first international NGO to have relocated its headquarters to Taiwan. Through this program, the Ministry works to establish close partnerships with the Taiwanese arts and cultural community, increasing opportunities for Taiwanese theaters to get exposure on the international scene.