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Datun Volcano Group

Datun Volcano Group

  • Chinese Name: 大屯火山群
  • Located At: Taipei City (Northern Taiwan)
  • Renowned For: One of the three major volcano groups in Taiwan, the Datun Volcano Group area is best known for a landscape full of post-volcanic activities such as steaming fumaroles, crater lakes and hot springs.
  • Did You Know That …? 
  • The indigenous Ketagalan people were the first sulphur miners in the Datun volcanic area during the Ming Dynasty between the late 14thcentury and 17thcentury.

The Datun Volcano Group, which still remains dormant, is located at the northern rim of theTaipei basin and is part of the Yamingshan National Park. It covers a total area of 11,455 hectares.

Composed of more than 20 volcanoes, the Datun Volcano Group first erupted between 2.8 million to 2.5 million years ago. The second eruption, which was on a larger scale, occurred some 800,000 years ago and volcanic activities there did not cease completely until 200,000 years ago.

Numerous asteroid collisions and volcanic eruptions, as well as the effects of the rain, wind and sun, have created the special terrain of the region today.

Datun's diverse topographical features have created a unique ecology with various vegetations and abundant wildlife, including indigenous species such as Taiwan quillwort, a leek-like plant, and the endangered Formosan blue magpie.

The area is also home to 120 bird species, 21 amphibians, 48 reptile species and 191 butterfly species.

Because of the area's value in natural resources conservation and research, it was designated as one of Taiwan's 18 potential World Heritage Sites in 2003.

The area remains a favorite mountain resort for Taipei citizens where they can enjoy different sceneries and recreation all year round, from watching cherry blossoms in the spring, walking along a trail to avoid the summer heat, to watching a sea of silver grass in the autumn and soaking in hot springs on a cold winter day.