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Minister visits Chiayi's largest arts and culture festival, reiterates support for publishing sector

  • Date:2023-03-20

On March 18, Culture Minister Shih Che, accompanied by Our Theatre (阮劇團) artistic director Wang Jhao-cian (汪兆謙), Tó-hoo Tsheh-tiàm (島呼冊店) store manager Lin Shih-han (林詩涵), Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Chiayi County deputy commissioner Tsung Chin-ping (宗金蘋) and more, attended the 15th Grasstraw Festival (草草戲劇節) at the Chiayi Performing Arts Center.

Minister Shih commented that the vibrancy of Chiayi County is beyond imagination and praised the Grasstraw Festival for being well-organized. He also voiced his strong support for local cultural facilities and events that provide opportunities for cultural experiences, such as independent bookstores and the Grasstraw Festival; in addition, he pledged to increase support as "there is an urgent need for Taiwan to pursue development and the balance between rural and urban areas."

At the festival, Minister Shih visited film exhibitions, lecture halls, markets, and workshops, and observed crowds participating in various activities. He believes that the integration of culture and tourism in Chiayi County is an informed decision as the efficiency of transportation and development in tourism will not only facilitate the opportunity for local residents to return to their hometown and establish businesses, but also strengthen cultural self-confidence and carry forward local culture.

The Minister also visited the book market of the Chiayi Book Life (嘉義書式生活), a platform jointly set up by a local group of book institutions. He acknowledged that independent bookstores are vital for cultural experiences and recognized the challenges they face in operating their businesses. Therefore, as part of a post-pandemic recovery plan, the MOC has allocated a budget to support bookstores.