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MOC launches bilingual website targeting New Southbound countries

  • Date:2023-05-12

The Ministry of Culture's newly launched website, "Cultural Exchanges under the New Southbound Policy (新南向文化交流專區網站)," is now available in English and Chinese. Over the years, the MOC has made significant efforts in promoting the New Southbound Policy and has achieved fruitful results. The website provides a systematic presentation of the cultural and arts exchange situation between Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. It also provides the latest news and links to various government agencies' dedicated websites, enabling the public to conveniently obtain relevant information about New Southbound countries.

In addition to introducing the MOC's New Southbound Policy, the website also highlights several grant programs that were launched over the years, such as "Youth Cultural Gardeners (青年文化園丁隊)," "Grants for Cultural Exchanges and Collaborative Projects (文化交流合作補助)," and "New Southbound Overseas Exchange Special Topics Projects (新南向海外交流專題)," as well as the achievements of youth and cultural teams during their overseas cultural exchanges.

Since launching the inaugural Southeast Asia Advisory Committee (SAAC, 東南亞事務諮詢委員會) in 2015, the Ministry has extended annual invitations to national professionals in the culture and arts fields from New Southbound countries with the aim of exchanging ideas and promoting transnational collaborative relationships in the future. After three years of the pandemic, the fifth edition of the SAAC will be held in person this year where people will be able to access the transcripts and exchange records from the committee through the website, as well as register to participate in various cultural and arts events that are scheduled to take place during the conference.

MOC hopes that the establishment of the website will increase Taiwanese people's understanding and awareness of the New Southbound Policy, promote Taiwan's diverse culture to New Southbound countries and encourage more exchange engagement between the culture and arts communities. For more information, please visit the "Cultural Exchanges under the New Southbound Policy" website.