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Taiwanese artist to be featured on Tokyo streets

  • Date:2015-04-23
Taiwanese artist to be featured on Tokyo streets

Taiwanese mixed media artist Wu Chi-tsung (吳季璁) will be featured in the upcoming Roppongi Art Night 2015, an annual street festival on the art in everyday living in Tokyo.

Wu, 34, specializes in mixing traditional painting techniques with cyanotype prints. His works have been on display at renowned international museums such as Mori Art Museum in Japan, Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea, and Experimenta Media Arts in Australia.

Among his works that will be displayed in the dazzling shopping district of Roppongi is "Wire I,” a projected mirage created to explore how the world shown through the lens of visual media influences people's views on the real world.

The Roppongi Art Night 2015 will take place on the eve of April 25. The event is touted as a trailblazing example of community initiative within the vast metropolis of Tokyo. Find out more at