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'Taiwan Week' concludes successfully at U. of London

  • Date:2015-04-10
'Taiwan Week' concludes successfully at U. of London

The University of London's Birkbeck School of Art has successfully concluded its first-ever "Taiwan Week” event series as part of the Spotlight Taiwan project.

Taiwanese sound artist Wang Fu-jui (王福瑞),who debuted in London and currently leads the Trans-Sonic Lab at the Taipei National University of the Arts, demo-ed his sound art project at the opening ceremony, which was attended by some 70 art professionals and students, on March 30.

The performance was followed by a weeklong exhibition titled "Shoot the Pianist — the Noise Scene in Taipei: 1990-1995.” Comprising over a hundred artworks, including photographs, posters, videos, and sound art, "Shoot the Pianist” presented Taiwan's underground music scenes and the emergence of sound artists during the 1990s.

The school welcomes such events, which offer real-life practice of the art theories and knowledge that students have learned, noted Ben Cranfield, a student representative of the school. Wang Keng-ling (王更陵), director of the Ministry of Culture's UK branch, also voiced his gratitude to the school for its involvement in the Spotlight Taiwan project.

In addition to the week-long exhibition and the opening performances, the Taiwan Week at Birkbeck also invited Taiwanese sound artists Lin Chi-wei (林其蔚), Dino (廖銘和, Liao Ming-he), and director Chen Sing-ing (陳芯宜) to present their works. Chen's documentary "Ears Switched Off and On,” which traces the work process and concepts of the featured artists, was screened on March 31 at the Birkbeck Cinema on Gordon Square.

Lin, Wang, and Dino also performed at Café Oto in East London on April 2 with three British artists — Musarc, Michael Speers, and Kenny Love. They then held their final joint performances at the Counterflows Festival, an international musical event in Glasgow featuring underground music that ran from April 2 to 5.

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Taiwanese artists, organizers, and guests pose for a photo at the gallery hosting "Shoot the Pianist — the Noise Scene in Taipei: 1990-1995."