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Pompidou Center to screen Taiwanese documentaries

  • Date:2015-03-13
Pompidou Center to screen Taiwanese documentaries

Two Taiwanese documentaries were selected by the Festival du Cinéma du Réel, one of the most prestigious international film festivals in Europe, to be screened at the festival's Hors les Murs section that will be held at the Pompidou Center in France.

"Civil Disobedience (公民不服從),” directed by film director Chen Yu-ching (陳育青) and lauded by the 2014 Taiwan International Documentary Festival, will be screened on March 22 and 24.

The 53-minute documentary depicts the turmoil that boiled among media outlets, members of the general public, and government officials during a Taipei visit by Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits Chairman Chen Yunlin (陳雲林) in 2008.

"Unveil the Truth II: State Apparatus (不能戳的秘密II 國家機器),” directed by independent journalist and filmmaker Kevin Lee (李惠仁), will also be screened on March 22 and 24.

The 82-minute documentary, which was named best documentary at the 2014 Taipei Film Festival, depicts independent media workers attempting to uncover the truth behind the avian flu outbreak during 2006 and 2011.

In other related news, the Ministry of Culture has teamed up with Paris-based film association Lightbox to help promote Taiwan's movie culture in Europe under the auspices of the Spotlight Taiwan project.

As part of the collaboration, two other films from Taiwan — "A Rolling Stone (築巢人)” directed by Shen Ko-shang (沈可尚) and "Mountain Spirits (山靈)” by Chen Sing-ing (陳芯宜) and Chiang Kuo-Liang (江國梁) — will be also screened at the Festival du Cinéma du Réel on March 25.

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