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Winners of the 2014 Golden Melody Awards

  • Date:2014-07-01
Winners of the 2014 Golden Melody Awards

Performance Category

Best Song of the Year:

  • 'Hills' by Jonathan Lee

  • 山丘:李宗盛

Best Mandarin Album:

  • 'I Am Ayal Komod' by Chang Chen-yue (Ayal Komod)

  • 我是海雅谷慕:張震嶽

Best Taiwanese Album:

  • 'Sam Ts'ap Tho'ng' by Jacky Chen

  • 30 出頭:陳建瑋

Best Hakka Album:

  • 'Heart Land' by Yachun Asta Tzeng

  • 心地:曾雅君

Best Aboriginal Album:

  • 'To & From The Heart' by Taiwu Children's Troupe & Daniel Ho

  • 歌,飛過群山:泰武古謠傳唱

Best Music Video:

  • 'Gypsy in Memory' directed by Ho Nan-hong

  • 流浪者之歌:導演何男宏

Individual Category

Best Composer:

  • Debbie Hsiao for 'Musicians'

  • 蕭賀碩/繆思 尋

Best Lyricist:

  • Jonathan Lee for 'Hills'

  • 李宗盛/山丘

Best Musical Arranger:

  • Zhao Zhao for 'Wind in the Rye'

  • 趙兆/風吹麥浪

Best Album Producer:

  • Penny Tai for 'Embrace' (an album by Koala Liu)

  • 戴佩妮/擁抱你

Best Single Producer:

  • Jeffrey Kung and Derek Nakamoto for 'Lao Pai Lian Qing'

  • 孔令奇, Derek Nakamoto/老派戀情

Best Mandarin Male Singer:

  • JJ Lin for 'Stories Untold'

  • 林俊傑/因你而在

Best Mandarin Female Singer:

  • Penny Tai for 'Unexpected'

  • 戴佩妮/純屬意外

Best Taiwanese Male Singer:

  • Jacky Chen for 'Sam Ts'ap Tho'ng'

  • 陳建瑋/30 出頭

Best Taiwanese Female Singer:

  • Huang Yee-ling for 'Dian Zai Ni Shen Bian'

  • 黃乙玲/惦在你身邊

Best Hakka Singer:

  • Yachun Asta Tzeng for 'Heart Land'

  • 曾雅君/心地

Best Aboriginal Singer:

  • Anu Kaliting Sadipongan for 'cepo''

  • 阿努.卡力亭.沙力朋安/cepo'混濁了

Best Band:

  • Mixer for 'Circus Movement'

  • 麋先生/馬戲團運動

Best Musical Group:

  • Light Engine Band for 'Yan Tu Feng Jing'

  • 光引擎/沿途風景

Best New Artist:

  • Li Ronghao for 'Model'

  • 李榮浩/模特

Lifetime Contribution Award:

  • Late music producer Peng Kuo-hua

  • 彭國華

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