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Female Taiwanese artist holds solo exhibition in Spain

  • Date:2013-10-04
Female Taiwanese artist holds solo exhibition in Spain

Taiwanese artist Yang Lun (楊侖)has been invited by the Spanish township of Las Rozas to exhibit her latest art series, "Writing Landscape,” at the Concert Hall of Joaquin Rodrigo from Oct. 4 to 31.

Yang was awarded the exhibition opportunity after winning an art competition held by the government of Las Rozas. Her "Writing Landscape” series comprise of 25 paintings that explore the differences among Oriental calligraphy and Western brush paintings.

To display her artistic observations, Yang used many flowing lines in her works to link the differences and similarities between Oriental and Western art. The element of water, she said, seems weak but is in fact powerful. Because it is without a definite form, water can best symbolize the world and its constant changes, she added.

By combining philosophy with art, Yang seeks to define the relations between Chinese calligraphy and Western aesthetics. She also hopes to look for more possible forms that can develop from fusing the two schools of art.

Yang, who has lived in Spain since studying art history at the University of Salamanca a decade ago, has won many awards both at home and abroad. She is also a regular participant in ARCO Madrid, the biggest international and contemporary art fair in Spain.

You can follow her on Facebook here.

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