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NTMoFA offering online activities and VR exhibitions for kids

  • Date:2020-04-27
NTMoFA offering online activities and VR exhibitions for kids

The "A Flourishing Year of the Rat" Lunar New Year prints exhibition and a digital coloring project called "Introducing Xiao Ru-song" are now online for the public to enjoy. Using virtual reality technology, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) is working with Xue Xue Foundation (學學文化創意基金會) and software company iStaging (愛實境) to make more cultural resources accessible.

By simply picking up their personal smartphones, people can admire all 87 prize-winning prints from the annual zodiac-themed competition and experience a 360-degree tour of the venue space. Works from the 35th edition each have their own style, ranging from sentimental to humorous, cartoon-esque, folky, and innovative.

The online selection will also include the "Zodiac Mouse: Children's & Teenagers' Painting Exhibition" on the works of students from 25 schools around Taiwan. The contents are inspired by the thought of new beginnings and cute designs that range from the comical to the traditional, creating a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Children's Picture Book Area and Family Room at the Taichung museum has been closed to follow social distancing guidelines. Additionally, school field trips have also been postponed or cancelled. Fortunately, with the online VR platform, educators have been provided with supplementary teaching materials and the public can continue to enjoy artworks from a safe distance.

The online coloring project of "Introducing Xiao Ru-song" is another popular activity launched by the museum featuring six works by renowned Taiwanese painter Xiao Ru-song (蕭如松) — "Window (窗邊)," "Lemon (檸檬)," "Still Life (靜物)," "Interior (室內)," "Strawberry (草莓)," and "Landscape (風景)." These works were then converted into printable coloring pages, which budding artistic youngsters can download and draw from the safety of their homes. They are also encouraged to upload their colorful creations to share and connect with others.

A Flourishing Year of the Rat:
Introducing Xiao Ru-song: