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Taiwan Fine Arts Archive opens for the virtual public

  • Date:2020-05-27
Taiwan Fine Arts Archive opens for the virtual public

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) has launched the "Taiwan Fine Arts Archive (臺灣美術知識庫)" site to showcase its wide collection of historic Taiwanese art and achievements throughout the years. NTMoFA places great emphasis on collecting and digitizing research materials for scholars and the public to study and enjoy.

The "Taiwan Provincial Fine Art Exhibition (臺灣省全省美術展覽會, also known as the Provincial Exhibition, 省展)" ran annually for 60 editions from 1946 through 2006, and all the winning pieces have been stored and archived at NTMoFA. The Taiwan Provincial Fine Art Exhibition was later reorganized as the "Taiwan Biennial (臺灣美術雙年展)" and "National Art Exhibition, ROC (全國美術展)," both of which still run today.

The "Taiwan Fine Arts Archive" is based on a body of literature and historic materials centered on the Provincial Exhibitions and the art journals and research papers published by NTMoFA over the past years. Presently, there are more than 26,000 data entries, including a large number of articles and papers, which can now be browsed online in full text format.

The archive has been categorized into six sections. Viewers can easily retrieve data of interest and explore related information using the search function of the site:

  • Taiwan Arts Exhibition (臺灣美展), which provides both a summary and detailed information on all the past arts exhibitions.
  • Fine Art Theory (美術理論), which houses all the digital reproductions of the exhibition catalogues and related publications.
  • Fine Arts Group (美術團體), which lists art teams and their art journals and research papers.
  • Literature and Historical Documents (文獻史料), which encompasses academic research, field investigations, newspaper clippings, speeches, and jury statements.
  • Image Data (圖像資料), which includes publication covers, official documents, event photos, and scanned award certificates.
  • Video and Audio Data (影音資料), which archives all related audiovisual materials, including documentaries on senior Taiwan artists. 

NTMoFA will continue to provide art research and quality resources for educational and promotional purposes through platforms such as the "Taiwan Fine Arts Archive" that aims to immortalize Taiwanese art history by digital means.