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Culture Minister visits restored historical sites in Penghu

  • Date:2020-12-19
Culture Minister visits restored historical sites in Penghu

On Dec. 19, Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te journeyed to Magong City to attend the opening of Hung Ken-shen Art Museum (洪根深美術館), and he also took time to visit the Penghu Underwater Archaeology Work Station (澎湖水下考古工作站) at the historical Penghu Post Office (澎湖郵便局), and Penghu Tianhou Temple (澎湖天后宮), to inspect cultural preservation and restoration of historical sites.

Minister Lee began his tour at the almost 100-year-old former Penghu Post Office, and the dormitory of the historical telegraph office. The post office, originally built in 1924, has become an underwater archeology working station and a space for underwater cultural asset display in 2018 after restoration undertaken by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.

The "Underwater Cultural Heritage of Penghu – The Legend of Taiwan Strait" new media exhibition is currently on display, showcasing early prototype diving gear, and historical shipwreck drawings and relics. An immersive theater and interactive devices present the maritime cultural sites of the Penghu archipelago.

Minister Lee went on to visit the Magong Old City area, centered around Magong Old City Wall (媽宮古城) site. Comprising of Penghu Tianhou Temple, Penghu Military Police Office (澎湖廳憲兵隊), and surrounding areas, the site is a part of the "Regeneration of Historic Sites" (再造歷史現場) and has been restored to its original form, a testament to the architectural history of Penghu.

Minister Lee also attended the opening ceremony of the Hung Ken-shen Art Museum (洪根深美術館). With the support of the Ministry's "Regeneration of Historic Sites" program, the Penghu Military Police Office was preserved and reborn as the Hung Ken-shen Art Museum, a cultural and creative center.

The Penghu Military Police Office was originally built during the period of Japanese rule. Retaining its Japanese-style architecture, the aged office building was registered as a historic building back in 2002.

Born in Penghu, contemporary ink painter Hung Ken-shen (洪根深) is one of the most influential artists in the evolution of ink-wash painting in Taiwan. Hung has dedicated himself to promoting art development in Kaohsiung, including founding Modern Art Association of Kaohsiung (高雄市現代畫學會).

Minister Lee thanked Hung for his generous donation of nearly 200 works to the Penghu County Government. With the establishment of the museum and revitalization of the surrounding national historical buildings, it is expected that the neighborhood will become important art and culture venues for the people of Penghu, vitalizing community activities and boosting local industry development, he added.