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NTMoFA provides free online art resources for teachers and students

  • Date:2021-05-28
NTMoFA provides free online art resources for teachers and students

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) launched a web page "Online Art Resources Service (線上藝術資源服務)," which provides teachers with teaching aids to complement online teaching-learning amid the nationwide closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In accordance with the pandemic preventive measures, NTMoFA will remain closed until June 14. During this period of time, the museum will continue to provide various resources online, that includes artist documentaries and book collections, arts archive, virtual exhibitions, audio-visual, as well as the series of "Art Museum for Family: Artists Biography" and "Documentaries of Distinguished Taiwanese Artists." Through these efforts, the museum hopes that the public will gain a deeper understanding of the artists' lives and achievements.

On the "NTMoFA collection (國美典藏)" web page, viewers can retrieve information on more than 12,000 pieces of the museum's art collection using the search function of the site. In addition, viewers can enjoy introduction videos of curators and virtual guide videos of the special exhibitions that are currently on display on NTMoFA's Youtube channel.

NTMoFA utilizes the "Google Arts & Culture (Google藝術與文化平臺)" platform to launch its classic special collection of 150 art pieces, and uses high-resolution pictures for the virtual exhibitions. These art collections, audio-visual materials and materials, which could only be seen in-person at the museum, are now available online.

NTMoFA Director Liang Yung-fei (梁永斐) pointed out that students and teachers have to re-adapt to online teaching and learning due to the pandemic. The art resources that the museum have accumulated over the years are made publicly available, including the documented texts, videos, photographs and more, to provide teachers with substantial help in online teaching, as well as allow students to have a diverse artistic experience.

For more information, please visit NTMoFA’s website.