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MOC announces 'Arts Relief 4.0' to subsidize arts and cultural sector

  • Date:2021-06-03
MOC announces 'Arts Relief 4.0' to subsidize arts and cultural sector

The Ministry of Culture announced on June 3 that the "Arts Relief 4.0" program will subsidize individuals and businesses in the arts and cultural sector that have been affected by the pandemic as well as suffered from operational difficulties since May 11. Culture Minister Lee Yung-te noted that this relief program took into account the unique work model of the arts and cultural sector of which other industries do not share.

According to the MOC, for individuals who have received "Arts Relief 1.0" and "Arts Reliefs 2.0" subsidies, the ministry will take the initiative to review those who comply with the regulations, and will check with other departments to eliminate factors such as receiving more than once. The NT$30,000 will be paid out on June 4.

The ministry will allow arts and cultural businesses and individuals who have not received arts relief subsidies to speed up the funding approval process by means of "online application, simplified procedures, and first come first serve."

Minister Lee pointed out that the work model of the arts and cultural industry is different from the regular business model. Many groups are not companies and may be engaged in creative work in the first half of the year in preparation for the income they make from performances in the second half of the year. As it differs from general business practices, the relief program will take into account the details.

He also noted that the estimated losses in the cultural and arts sector this time may be as high as NT$8 billion to NT$10 billion. MOC's "Arts Relief 4.0" has been approved by the Executive Yuan to allocate a special budget of NT$4.549 billion for arts and cultural relief subsidies, mortgage interest relief and subsidies, in addition to rent reduction and fee subsidies.

"Although it is less than what we have applied for, it is an increase of NT$1 billion from Arts Relief 2.0," Lee said.

The subsidy will be granted for three months as a start. If the pandemic continues, the Executive Yuan will have other relief plans, Lee added.