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MOC launches lucky draw to encourage museum visits

  • Date:2022-02-15
MOC launches lucky draw to encourage museum visits

To encourage people to support the arts and cultural sector amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Culture introduced a lucky draw to give away collectible art pieces. Vice Minister of Culture Lee Lien-chuan (李連權) and representatives of museums and local cultural centers announced the winners in a live-streamed draw on Feb. 15.

Prizes include Huang Tu-shui (黃土水)'s "Water Buffaloes" bronze sculpture, copies of masterpieces titled "Autumn Egret" and "Meticulous flowers and birds" by Pu xin-yu (溥心畬), art pieces by Sanyu (常玉), framed photograph of "Living World Series – Ballet" signed by Ju Ming (朱銘), giclee paint "Landscape/ Yuchi Township" by Shiy De-Jinn (席德進).

Vice Minister of Culture Lee Lien-chuan (李連權) stated that the functions of museums are to collect, research and hold exhibitions, but most importantly, it educates the public about humanities, art, and history. It also enhances people's sense and understanding of beauty while giving a deeper meaning to museums and the pulse of society. Moreover, MOC hopes that through this event, more people will be encouraged to visit museums and discover new knowledge.

The next lucky draw is slated to kick off on May 13. To qualify for the next round of the lucky draw, those who spent their Arts FUN vouchers, Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers, or cash at participating art venues, and check in their location through the Arts Fun Next APP before April 30, will be eligible for the lucky draw. A total of over 150 grand prizes including collectibles and cultural products will be given away.

Winners should present their identity documents to MOC to claim their prizes or contact Ms. Lin from MOC at +886-2-8512-6334. For more information pertaining to the lucky draw, please visit MUSEUMS (博物之島) or Arts FUN NEXT TO GO.