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NTMoFA unveils two exhibitions to promote art exchange between Taiwan and Lithuania

  • Date:2022-04-10

To promote art exchange between Taiwan and Lithuania amid the pandemic, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) launched two exhibitions, "Uncoverings: The Search for Identity in Lithuanian Photography (揭幕:尋探立陶宛攝影中的認同)" and "Covered Reality: Archival Orientation and Identity in Taiwanese Contemporary Photography (覆寫真實:臺灣當代攝影中的檔案與認同)," on Apr. 9.

Those present at the opening ceremony included Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te, legislator Huang Kuo-shu (黃國書), NTMoFA's director Liang Yung-fei (梁永斐), Cultural Attaché of Lithuania’s Embassy Tomas Ivanauskas, other officials, as well as "Covered Reality" exhibition curator Lai Chun-chieh (賴駿杰), and artist Wu Tien-chang (吳天章). President Tsai Ing-wen also sent a congratulatory message, she expressed her hopes that this event will broaden the horizons of cultural exchange, highlight the value of free creativity, and contribute to the creation of a harmonious global village of diversity and care.

Organized by the Lithuanian National Museum of Art (LNMA), the "Uncoverings" exhibition will display a total of 87 pieces by 21 artists, revolving around the theme of cultural identity issues. In addition, photography collections from NTMoFA and the National Center of Photography and Images (NCPI) as well as photographic and mixed-media works by 15 youth artists will also be presented at the “Covered Reality” exhibition. The displayed creations include the works of Chen Chieh-jen (陳界仁), Wu Tien-chang (吳天章), and Mei Dean-E (梅丁衍), among others.

Minister Lee stated that the co-curation between NTMoFA and LNMA is an important milestone in Taiwan's art history. Although the distance between Taiwan and Lithuania is more than 8,000 kilometers, the two nations have pursued a similar course for freedom and democracy after experiencing decades of oppressive rule by an authoritarian regime.

For more information, please refer to NTMoFA's official website.