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New art-and-technology platform to debut in Taiwan, inviting artists to participate

  • Date:2022-05-06

In a special partnership made possible by Taipei Cultural Center in New York, American arts organization Rhizome and Digital Art Center Taipei (DAC) have teamed up to debut a new art-and-technology collaboration platform,

This platform is open to students in Taiwan colleges and universities who have a focus on art and technology. Participants will work in pairs on an assignment themed "Make Something New, Together" and begin a seven-day collaboration, which culminates in the development of a short proposal. Successful proposals will be given further resources and the opportunity to develop projects further with guidance from DAC and Rhizome curators. Ultimately, the curatorial team will select seven groups of winners. They will receive a project execution fee of US$1,000 and have the opportunity to publish and exhibit their works in the future. is an extension of the long-running 7x7 (seven on seven) program. Established in 2010, 7x7 gathers influential figures in art and technology for in-depth discussion and creative collaboration. After working together, they share what they’ve made—a prototype, a sketch, an artwork—as part of a day-long conference.

Previously, 7x7 was held in London, Beijing, and Norway. The participants were pioneering representatives in various fields, including Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, Tumblr founder David Karp, and artist Ai Weiwei. In 2020, Taiwanese artist Cheang Shu-lea (鄭淑麗) and Taiwan's Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐鳳) were invited to attend the 7x7 event in Norway.

Founded in 1996, Rhizome is the leading art organization dedicated to born-digital art and culture. Since 2003, it has become an affiliate in residence at the New Museum in New York City. In 2019, MOC invited Art Director Michael Conner to visit Taiwan. During his visit, he was amazed by the innovative energy of Taiwan's technology and art and decided to introduce the 7x7 program to Taiwan, which contributed to the generation of the 7000X7000 project.

To register for the 7000x7000 project, please click here.