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Vintage train sets off to mark the start of 2023 Creative Expo Taiwan

  • Date:2023-09-12
Vintage train sets off to mark the start of 2023 Creative Expo Taiwan

Serving as a prelude to the 2023 Creative Expo Taiwan, the Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum (NRM) will offer limited tours on the vintage Breezy Blue Train which will run between Nangang and Yilan Railway Station for nine consecutive days.


The first train of this special event set off from Nangang Station on Sept. 9 with esteemed guests in attendance, including Minister of Culture Shih Che, Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Director-General Tu Wei (杜微), legislator Yu Yu-lan (游毓蘭), Lion Travel Chairman Jason Wang (王文傑), actress Lu Hsiao-fen (陸小芬), singer Christine Hsu (許景淳), and others.

Minister Shih said that railways embody numerous memories like farewells, longing, reunions and are the origin of countless stories. It also brings together the diverse cultures of different regions. This year’s expo marks the first collaboration between Taiwan Railway and the Ministry of Culture, offering a retrospective glimpse into our own history through resuming the vintage Breezy Blue train. During the expo, the NRM will also unveil a special exhibition that offers a preview of the key displays that will be featured after the museum's official opening.


Apart from the four vintage carriages, there will be a special onboard exhibition that showcases highlights of an exhibition held at the NRM, focusing on the Breezy Blue Train. This aims to illustrate trains as carriers of memories and stories, as well as how railway culture is portrayed in cinematic works.

The Breezy Blue Train will operate for a limited period of nine days, from Sept. 9 to 17. The Ministry of Culture has also announced that during the expo, the NRM will offer a trial ride experience on the restored DR2303 diesel passenger car within the museum’s premises. This initiative aligns with the concept of a "living railway museum." More information and updates will be provided.