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Taiwan's digital artworks at Ars Electronica showcase cultural and technological prowess

  • Date:2023-09-13
Taiwan's digital artworks at Ars Electronica

The Ars Electronica Festival, renowned for its over 40-year history as the world's largest digital art festival, showcased nearly 50 artworks from Taiwan this year. Themed "Who Owns the Truth?," the festival has seen Taiwan's contributions gaining significant attention, with two artworks, "Inter net" and "huě iànn (迴映)," receiving Honorary Mention in the New Animation Art category.

This year, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) continues its collaboration with the Ars Electronica Center by organizing lectures and international exchange events during the festival.


Commenting on the impressive turnout of Taiwan's representation at this year's exhibition, Lu Jiun-wei (盧俊偉), chief executive officer at TAICCA, emphasized that Taiwan's technology is centered around people, and its technological products and services have gained international recognition. He also noted the abundant creative energy within the cultural and technological community in Taiwan, which has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology through humanistic and artistic means, rather than allowing technology to define our way of life.

Lu highlighted that among the 50 exhibited artworks, two were recognized with awards, representing the long-term accumulation of efforts from various parties. He also said that TAICCA will continue to strengthen the connections and collaborations between domestic cultural and technological creators, businesses, and the international community. This effort aims to enhance the international visibility of Taiwanese creators and their works while increasing opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation, ultimately allowing Taiwan's cultural and technological prowess to have a global impact.


Managing Director of the Ars Electronica Festival Martin Honzik remarked that the works from Taiwan are diverse and distinctive, leaving a lasting impression. He expressed great honor in showcasing numerous Taiwanese art pieces at this year's festival and extended invitations to many Taiwanese creators to participate in discussions on how technology can serve humanity. Through the collaboration with TAICCA, this year's accomplishments at the Ars Electronica Festival not only foster stronger ties with Taiwan but also provide a platform for cultural and technological creators to freely express themselves and showcase diverse cultures on the global stage, Martin Honzik added.


(Photo credit: TAICCA)