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2023 Human Rights Festival to take place in New Taipei

  • Date:2023-11-29
2023 Human Rights Festival

Presented by the National Human Rights Museum (NHRM), the 2023 Human Rights Festival will take place from Dec. 2 to Jan. 14, 2024, at the White Terror Jingmei Memorial Park in New Taipei. Titled “Freedom of the Soul,” this event is curated by renowned poet and film director Hung Hung (鴻鴻), casting light on human rights issues such as the White Terror in Taiwan, the democratic movement in Hong Kong, and the identity of indigenous people. 


Deputy Culture Minister Sue Wang (王時思), Director Hung Shih-fang (洪世芳) of the NHRM, Director Na Su-phok (藍士博) of the National 228 Memorial Museum, and other guests were invited to the press conference on Nov. 22. 


Curator Hung Hung said that the title “Freedom of the Soul” hints at the individual’s unfree body and its yearning for freedom and implies an introspection on the memories of the White Terror. He mentioned that through a series of events including theatrical shows, art exhibitions, and musical performances, this festival aims to delve into different aspects of human rights and hopes to highlight its values.


Deputy Minister Wang said that human rights are fundamental to people’s lives, and artistic performance is one of the ways we can employ to raise society’s awareness of human rights issues. Through artistic interpretation and story-telling, she added, concerns pertaining to human rights can be elevated and become a part of everyday lives.


Besides the main events, starting in December, fringe events such as the “2023 Island Sound Cultivation Music Workshop (2023島嶼聲耕音樂工作坊),” “Before Dawn: Missing Objects Collection Exhibition (天曉之前—思念文物典藏展),” and “Human Rights Day Market (人權市集)” will be held in the festival. 


For more information, please visit the 2023 Human Rights Festival’s website and Facebook page