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MOC announces subsidy program for XR immersive content

  • Date:2024-01-18
MOC announces subsidy program for XR immersive content

On Jan. 18, the Ministry of Culture (MOC) announced the “one plus four T-content plan” (文化黑潮計畫) subsidy program for Taiwan’s extended reality (XR) immersive content creation. The application will open from Jan. 22 to Mar. 1. 


The subsidy program aims to promote innovative, diverse, and artistic XR content production. The proposed plan should include Taiwanese cultural elements, cultural landscapes, popular culture, professional cultural venues, history, or classical arts. It must integrate a head-mounted device and may leverage interactive, somatosensory, multiplayer, VR 360, or other immersive technologies. 


The program is divided into three sections: “Concept Development” encourages to develop the works with the greatest potential, offering a subsidy of up to NT$3 million; “Production and Filming” supports the production of XR contents that are fully developed and exceed ten minutes, offering a subsidy of up to NT$6 million; “Multiplayer Interaction” promotes the production of marketable, innovative XR works that facilitate multiplayer interaction, offering a subsidy of up to NT$12 million. 


Furthermore, if a subsidized work is nominated by or wins an international award during the program period, the MOC will provide three members of the team with air tickets, further bolstering Taiwanese XR works on the international scene.