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‘Island In Between’ nominated for Oscars Documentary Short Film

  • Date:2024-01-24
‘Island In Between’ nominated for Oscars Documentary Short Film

“Island In Between (金門),” a documentary directed by Taiwanese American director S. Leo Chiang (江松長), has been nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the Documentary Short Film category. The winner will be revealed on Mar. 11 (GMT+8) at the Oscars 2024. 


Added with the perspectives of the outsiders, the “Island In Between” captures the daily lives of Kinmen, Taiwan’s outlying island that lies in the Amoy (Xiamen) Bay, southeast of mainland China's Fujian Province. The film also unfolds the memory of the director’s father serving on the island as a soldier, attempting to illustrate the relationship between Taiwan, Kinmen, and China. It caught on with international viewers upon its debut on The New York Times Op-Docs.


Culture Minister Shih Che offered congratulations on the documentary’s Oscar nomination, highlighting that the film, following director Chung Mong-hong’s (鍾孟宏) “A Sun (陽光普照)” that was shortlisted for the Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards in 2021, stood out as one of the top five contenders in the documentary short film category. The minister said that the Ministry will continue to support Taiwanese filmmakers to break into the international market by providing incentive programs and investing the film industry in the country.