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National Museum of History to reopen on Feb. 21

  • Date:2024-02-15
National Museum of History to reopen on Feb. 21

The National Museum of History (NMH) has completed its large-scale renovation project and is set to reopen to the public on Feb. 21 with a new permanent exhibition titled “Discover Our Connections, Right Here (在這裡,與大家相遇).” The museum held an opening ceremony on Feb. 7, which was attended by the Culture Minister Shih Che. 


The NMH started its renovation and building renewal project in mid-2018 and was completed in early 2024. The new permanent exhibition features a selection of 110 artifacts, presenting the social and cultural changes that the National Museum of History has experienced alongside Taiwanese society over the past 70 years. Thus, the Museum would successfully fulfill its task of “enabling understanding of the modern and recent history of Taiwan’s social and cultural development.”


Minister Shih highlighted that the NMH is the first museum established by the Nationalist government after its relocation to Taiwan in 1949. He hopes that the museum, carrying invaluable historical and cultural significance, can draw out Taiwan’s unique culture that is fused with multiculturalism and the spirit of democracy, and display it to the public. 


For more information on the exhibition, please visit the NMH’s website.