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MOC approves Beigang Mazu pilgrimage as important folk custom

  • Date:2024-02-20
MOC approves Beigang Mazu pilgrimage as important folk custom

The Beigang Mazu pilgrimage has been approved as an important folk custom after being evaluated by the Ministry of Culture’s (MOC) Folklore Review Committee on Feb. 17. This marks the 23rd national-level folk custom that is recognized by the ministry. 


Culture Minister Shih Che emphasized that the Beigang Chao-Tian Temple (朝天宮), established in the 18th century in Yunlin County, stands out as one of the most representative temples in Taiwan. He highlighted its significant role in shaping local culture and beliefs, as well as its contribution to fostering the arts, crafts, and tourism industry.


The MOC mentioned that the Chao-Tian Temple receives more than 3,000 pilgrimage groups each year, which are made up of more than millions of worshippers. 


The MOC has confirmed that an official announcement and presentation will commemorate this cultural milestone. Collaborating with the temple, the MOC will develop plans to preserve and promote this unique cultural asset, thereby showcasing Taiwan’s multiculturalism.