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Taiwanese opera ‘1624’ debuts in Tainan

  • Date:2024-02-26
Taiwanese opera ‘1624’ debuts in Tainan

As 2024 marks the 400th year since Taiwan was put on the world map in 1624, which coincides with the quadricentennial anniversary of Tainan City's founding, the Ministry of Culture (MOC) orchestrated a large-scale outdoor Taiwanese opera show titled “1624,” scheduled to debut in the ancient capital on Feb. 24 and 25, 2024.


The opera “1624” casts prominent Taiwanese opera performers, including Sun Tsui-feng (孫翠鳳) and Tang Mei-yun (唐美雲), and the crew includes renowned director Lee Hsiao-pin (李小平), playwright Shih Ju-fang (施如芳), along with 21 actors, 13 opera groups, and 500 backstage members.


Culture Minister Shih Che highlighted that this show is an unprecedented collaboration by the top Taiwanese opera groups in the country, showcasing the local art form at the international standard. He said, “In terms of performing arts, this is a massive drill and practice; with regard to culture, this is a lesson on our country’s history.” 


Meanwhile, director Lee emphasized that retelling Taiwan’s story at the 400th anniversary of Tainan helps to provide different perspectives on the country’s history. He expects that people will come together to watch the epic opera and restore their pride as a part of the country, he added. 


The National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) mentioned that, in the 17th century, Taiwan encountered prosperous maritime trade and fierce commercial battles, where all forces were struggling to survive. “1624” interprets the strategic role played by the island 400 years ago, recreating the turbulent era through the perspectives of the indigenous Siraya people, Han Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese. 


Besides performing live in Tainan on Feb 24 and 25, “1624” was broadcast simultaneously on the PTS Taigi TV Station (公視台語台) and social media platforms. Watch the show online: