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Chen Yan-zhu honored as important preserver of Nanguan music

  • Date:2024-02-26
Chen Yan-zhu honored as important preserver of Nanguan music

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) announced the recognition of Nanguan music (南管音樂) teacher and performer Chen Yan-zhu (陳嬿朱) as an important preserver of the art on Feb. 21. 


Since 2009, the MOC has been registering important traditional performing arts and their preservers under the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. Currently, there are 19 performing arts and 31 preservers included. Nanguan music was recognized as one of the arts in 2010.


Chen Yan-zhu is an expert singer in Nanguan music, while also a multi-instrumentalist who can play pipa (琵琶), erxian (二弦), and sanxian (三弦). Possessing a high level of knowledge in playing and teaching the art, she has been diffusing the knowledge of Nanguan in Southern Taiwan, particularly in Tainan and Kaohsiung areas. 


Culture Minister Shih Che said that the preservation and promotion of Taiwan’s important cultural heritage is one of the priorities of the ministry. He hopes that these efforts will help to spread traditional culture and highlight the country’s cultural uniqueness and identity.