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Taiwanese comic book wins gold prize at Japanese manga award

  • Date:2024-03-06
Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky

The 17th International Manga Award, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, took place on Mar. 5. Among 587 submissions, the Taiwanese manga “Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky (青空下的追風少年),” created by Jason Chien (簡嘉誠), won the gold prize.


“Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky” is based on the archive material from the Taiwan Railway Administration, crafting a story set in Taiwan during World War II. It revolves around the friendship between two young men—one Taiwanese and one Japanese—who share a passion for running and trains and aspire to make a name in the history of track and field.


Alongside Jason Chien’s work, Lin I-Chen’s (林奕辰) “207th Bone (二零七之骨)” and Shimizu’s (清水) “Tomoe’s Memories of Koumeya vol.2 (友繪的小梅屋記事簿2)” won bronze prizes.